Hey šŸ‘‹
Iā€™m Yoann and I'm a Software Engineer!


Iā€™m Software Engineer and I work in a small company called XPERTEAM that deals with providing custom web interfaces for these customers.

In this company I collaborate with my team to deliver quality content and in line with the expected need.

My background

I have always been immersed in technology, for me it is a calming hobby that allows me to express my creativity.

I started programming at the age of 17, I was developing modules on third party games (with the excellent LUA language šŸ˜ƒ).

Then I really started to get to the heart of the matter only after completing my training as an IT Maintenance Technician, during it I was able to experiment with deployment automation scripts and therefore familiarize myself with scripting . So I wanted to continue with developer training in order to increase my knowledge in development.

This allowed me to get to where I am today šŸ’Ŗ.

Where do we start?

Schedule a call so I can learn about your product and we can discuss the best way to help you meet your goals.

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